Critical race-day parking information

We are ecstatic that so many of you will be joining us Dec. 17-18 for the inaugural Devil Dog Ultras. We want you all to have a wonderful race experience, and to help things run smoothly we are making some very important adjustments to race logistics.

Adapt and overcome, right?

Below is everything you need to know about parking, crew, and crew parking — plus some extra info on drop bags and the bunkhouse.

PLEASE READ IT ALL. If you're a visual-type person, we've also got a handy map here that can help you out.

Parking details

Parking passes

ALL vehicles in the park must display a parking pass (or park fee receipt) AT ALL TIMES. Parking passes will be handed out at packet pickup Friday and on Saturday before the race. 

There are three ways to get one:

  • FREE: Each runner gets one free parking pass included with their registration. 
  • PAID: Any additional vehicles will need their own parking pass ($7 per vehicle), either pre-paid when you signed up, paid at packet pickup (Friday only), or purchased at the Prince William Forest Park Visitors' Center. (If paid at the Visitor's Center please display the park receipt on your dash in place of the pass from us.) Please, CASH ONLY AND EXACT CHANGE if purchasing a parking pass Friday at packet pickup.
  • WAIVED: If someone in the vehicle is a National Park Pass holder your parking fee is waived, but you must show your National Park card at packet pickup to get a parking pass.

Every Devil Dog vehicle must display their Devil Dog parking pass or PWF entry receipt at all times. If you pick up your packet Saturday morning you must make sure this pass gets back to your parked car and displayed. If you are parking at the American Legion, your pass does not need to be displayed, it is only for use in the park.

No exceptions, not complying with this could result in runner disqualification and we really don't want to do that. Runners are responsible for making sure their additional vehicles are paid up.

Crew passes

In order to maintain some sense of order in the park we are limiting each runner to ONE crew vehicle.

At packet pickup (both Friday and pre-race Saturday) each runner will be handed one window sign for their crew vehicle. We will write the runner's bib number on this sign -- YOU are accountable for your crew. This sign must be displayed (in addition to that vehicle's parking pass) in the crew vehicle at all times.  

Again no exceptions, not complying with this could result in runner disqualification.

Volunteer parking passes

Volunteers' park entry fees are waived. On arrival, they will receive a parking pass from their chain of command or from Camp Remi HQ. This will also allow them to move about the park.

Parking locations

Camp Remi: We have two parking areas at Camp Remi (see map), Lot A which can hold 35 vehicles and Lot B which can hold about 90 vehicles. Lot B is a field lot roughly .6 miles away from Camp Remi. If we have rain, Lot B may be muddy.

ON RACE MORNING (More on this below): Lot A will be reserved for carpools with three or more runners; Lot B will be reserved for carpools with two or more runners. More on this below.

Camp Gunny: Race officials/Volunteer parking only. NO CREW ACCESS

Camp Toofy: Camp Toofy has a paved lot with about 70 parking spaces. Your crew must be LEGALLY parked in a real parking spot at Camp Toofy. When this lot fills we will direct overflow traffic to park in the Pine Grove parking lot .6 miles away. Cars will then be one-in-one-out as space becomes available. Please be courteous to the volunteers and plan accordingly.

Off-site Overnight Parking: We've secured 50 parking spaces outside the park for overflow parking before the start. Non-carpool runners will be directed here, more on this below.


Friday: Lot A will open at 1500 for packet pickup and the pre-race dinner.

No Devil Dog vehicles will be allowed to stay parked overnight in Lot A. If a runner's car (or their crew) is parked in Lot A Friday night, the runner will be DQ'd.

Runners who are staying overnight in the bunk house will be allowed to park in Lot A, drop off their gear in their assigned bunkhouse but then must move their car immediately after. Your parking situation is dependent on weather. You will get further instruction when you check in. Hint: There will be benefits if you carpool.

After Lot A is full, parking volunteers will send any additional vehicles to Lot B.

Saturday: Parking opens at 0400. 

Like at many other trail races, parking will be tight and we'll need everyone's patience and cooperation to ensure all runners get to the start line on time. While you all are finalizing your travel plans, please consider -- if possible -- carpooling to the race. 

  • Vehicles with THREE or more runners will be directed to the closer Lot A parking until it is full.
  • Vehicles with TWO or more runners will be directed Lot B .6 miles away from the start.
  • Vehicles with ONE runner should report straight to The American Legion off-site parking lot (17934 Liming Ln, Triangle, VA 22172) about 2.5 miles from the start. We will have shuttles picking up from this lot, but please arrive early, shuttles will stop at 0530. We will have limited shuttles taking crew back to this lot after the start.

RUNNER DROP OFF OPTION: To help alleviate the parking crunch, we're encouraging runners with crew (or sleepy spouses/friends/family) to consider a "kiss and run" option. These kind people may drop you off near the start but then they must leave and park at Camp Toofy or the Pine Grove Picnic Area. Or you know, leave and go get breakfast. They will miss you standing around in the cold waiting to start, but they will get rockstar parking at the aid station. Or Dunkin' Donuts. Same thing. 

Drop bags & bunk house

Phew. Okay. So now that we've covered down on all the parking particulars, here's some additional intel on drop bags and bunk house reservations.

Drop bags

It will be cold on race weekend, so we now have a drop bag option at ALL THREE major aid stations (Camp Remi, Camp Gunny, and Camp Toofy).

We strongly recommend packing post-race clothes (blankets & warm things) in your Camp Remi drop bag. Most of you will not be parked close by, so please make sure you have appropriate after-race gear.

Bunk house reservations

If you are bunking with us during the race you will get your assignment when you pick up your packet. You must be checked out by NOON on Sunday, so if you anticipate enjoying all 32 hours of the Devil Dog Ultras please pack up before the start. We will have a storage area set aside at Camp Remi for your bunkhouse gear.

Future park permits depend on all runners and crew following these rules so THANK YOU in advance for everyone's patience and cooperation.