“I can't say enough about the Devil Dog 100-miler.”

“I can’t say anything actually ... it’s not until December. Wait, what is this? WHO ARE YOU?”

— Kal Koerner


“I loved the post-race vegan food Devil Dog had to offer.”

“The vegan pulled pork and vegan bloody-rare steak were especially delicious. RD Toni was so thoughtful to provide entire tables of Halal, gluten-free, sugar-free and food-free food. We'll be back for sure.”

— Spike Wardian

“Will this be the race that finally tires out Toofy and Gunny?”

— Banjo


“I lost my iPod at Rocky Raccoon ... ”

" ... so RD Toni ran behind me at an 8-minute mile with a bull horn singing Taylor Swift songs all night. That's service. And I didn't need a pacer!"

— Sabrina Small

“This stuff is better than TailWind!”

"I really love that the Devil Dog Ultras provides local, single-sourced, organic Mexican Juice at its aid stations."

— Andy Two-Last-Names

“I’ve never run a hundred-miler before, but who could resist a great birthday run?”

— Trail Jesus


“I tell ya, the best!”

“Best dagum 100-miler west of 95, east of 81, south of the Beltway, and north of 64."

— The General

“It’s No-Pants Weekend!”

“The finish line at the Devil Dog Ultras is my favorite because they don’t make me wear pants!”

— Teal Gorman