Parking at Prince William Forest is challenging. (We’ve tried to get Prince William Forest Park to build us a parking garage. We're still not sure why they said no.)

There is no start line parking. We repeat: There is no—nada, none, zilch, zero—start line parking.

Runners have two options for getting to the start line on Saturday morning. (If you’re staying in the bunkhouse, you’ll received a separate email with your parking instructions.)

OPTION 1: Kiss-and-Run. A crew member or someone who dearly loves you can drop you off at the start line. The Kiss-and-Run opens at 0400 and is located at Camp 5, aka Camp Remi, on Route 619 (Joplin Road), approximately four miles from I-95. Take a right onto Mawavi Road and follow the right fork of the road. Volunteers will be directing traffic on Mawavi Road, so please follow their instructions.

Note: Crew cannot park at the start/finish until after the race begins. The crew parking lot is about 0.75 mile from the start/finish. This lot fills up fast, so crew are encouraged to set up shop at Camp Toofy. Please see the crew and pacers instructions for more information.

OPTION 2: Shuttle lot. We’ll be running shuttles from a satellite lot—located at 14715 Bristow Rd, Manassas, VA 20112—to the start/finish. On race morning, we’ll have two shuttle buses departing from the lot: one at 0415, one at 0500. Registered runners should receive an email to sign up for a shuttle time. (If you have not received the email, please contact us.) These pre-race shuttles are for runners only.

You’ll be able to leave your drop bags for Toofy and Gunny at a designated spot near the shuttle bus. Please take your drop bag for the start/finish with you on the bus to Camp Remi.

Throughout and after the race, we’ll regularly be running shuttles to take you back to your car.

Still confused? Here you go: