Registration details

The second annual Devil Dog Ultras will take place on Dec. 2-3, 2017. (We've been told these dates will be ice storm–free.)

Registration is open via UltraSignup. Entry is limited to a total of 300 runners, with a waitlist if the race fills. Registration will close on Nov. 27.

The 100-miler will be $180 and increase to $215 on Oct. 1. The 100k will be $120 and increase to $145 on Oct. 1. 

A 50 percent refund (excluding UltraSignup fees) will be issued at an entrant's request up until Sept. 30. If space allows, you may be permitted to switch distances until Nov. 1. After Nov. 1, distance transfers will not be permitted. For a refund or to change distances, please send us a note via the Contact section. We’re sorry, but no deferrals.

Race swag will be announced on the Marine Corps’ birthday, Nov. 10. Rest assured it’ll be awesome, just like the Marines.

In the highly unlikely event that inclement weather or another situation forces the cancellation of the race, the race director has full discretion on how to handle any refunds or deferrals.


To register for the 100-miler, you must have completed a 50-mile race within the past two years. (This means we must be able to find your name on an official finisher list on a race website or UltraSignup.) There is no entry requirement for the 100k, but trust your gut — if you’ve never run an ultra before, this might not be the best starting point.